Download CityVille Hometown

I’ve noticed that a lot of people are looking for how to download CityVille Hometown latest version. Well, it’s really easy. Just click this link and download it for your iPhone or iPad:

Download CityVille Hometown

Download CityVille Hometown

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  • Marina says:

    I play this game since July but the last 15 days doesn’t load
    Help me pls (I use iPhone 4)
    Thank you

  • Divergirl64 says:

    When the HELL is the Halloween version going away? I didn’t get the Halloween prize and I now can’t open the app….this totally sucks

  • Meliss says:

    My Cityville is not working either. I get
    alerts but just a blank screen. How do I
    fix it?

  • Georgiann says:

    Cityville keeps kicking me off it really sucks I love playing the game. I’m supposed to move khala into a hru dorm but she’s not an option for moving in any help would be awesome I play on ipad

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